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The Volunteer Database is where we keep contact details and health information on people who are interested in participating in clinical trials.

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Feasibilities, Study Management, Data Management, SOP Writing, GCP Training, ​Participant Recruitment.

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Our Mission

To partner and collaborate with our Sponsor & CRO clients to successfully deliver clinical trials to completion on time and within budget, whilst bringing new treatment opportunities to our community of volunteers.

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Our Research Sites

SCTG now has 6 sites, 1 in Christchurch, 4 in Auckland and 1 in Nelson. All sites are based in or around primary care and have access to large General Practice databases. All SCT sites have experienced Principal Investigators and Study Coordinators.

SCTG sites have completed a wide range of phase 1B – 4 clinical trials. Recent trials include vaccine studies (influenza, hepatitis B, pneumococcal and HPV), lipid lowering, diabetes, osteoarthritis, immune response, migraine, soft tissue injuries, COPD, atopic dermatitis, asthma, rapid antigen devices, urticaria, aging, gout, endometriosis, cardiovascular outcomes, pain, depression and acute influenza.